The Journey

Last year was a journey for me, many things changed, evolved and new opportunities came to my attention. That’s most likely why I took such a long break from blogging. I needed last year to work on myself and my future, which I have done. As you all know recovery and knowledge come with time, […]

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Why Sunflowers?

How do you deal with losing someone? I wanted to write this blog post because its close to my heart and its somewhat the reason for this blog actually. I haven’t mentioned it until now, because I’ve been so panicked about writing it, but this is for and about my Grancha. So here goes. Four […]

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Self Care (Part 2- Self Harm)

Self harm used to be a very big, and very real struggle for me. I think a few of you are probably aware of that fact. It came to my attention in The Social_Pariah Discord chat that a few people are interested in other coping mechanisms when the urge to self harm kicks in, and […]

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Safe Place

Safe Places My safe places has always been my bedroom, for some unknown reason. More specifically my bed. It’s out of the way, warm, and comfortable. In fact recently more often than not I am in bed; and that’s not due to laziness. I mean of course, some days, maybe. But recently, it is the […]

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Self Care (Part 1)

Self care, aye? Self care is so important, not just to us who are suffering from an ‘illness’ or a disability of some kind, but it is also important to those who aren’t suffering from a disability, or a mental illness, to ensure they are looking after themselves, and are able to stay well. So […]

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Versatile Blogger Award

As you all know I recently had the pleasure of being nominated for the Versatile Blogger award, which is an absolute honour! Especially considering how new I am to blogging. I was quite honestly, stunned. So a big thank you to Abbey (lifeandrelationshipsissues) for the nomination! What’s Versatile Blogger Awards about –  When you consider […]

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My Diagnosis

Borderline personality and I have a very strange relationship, we don’t often see eye to eye. Nor do we feel comfortable in the presence of one another, however we attempt to be civil. I received my official diagnoses of BPD a year ago; however it was a battle to get there. I knew I had […]

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This is me

As much as I’d like to be able to write this blog post with absolute certainty about who I am, I actually haven’t figured it out yet and in all honesty, I might never get there, but that’s okay! I’m Ash, I love music of all kinds, I’m a qualified chef, carer and I love […]

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