Life Can Change Us

The title of this post is powerful, which it should be. Life can change us, for the worst and the best. But sometimes up to you how life affects you, you can manipulate and shape yourself and your life to whatever end you choose, but it takes time and commitment. My life has always been […]

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My Diagnosis

Borderline personality and I have a very strange relationship, we don’t often see eye to eye. Nor do we feel comfortable in the presence of one another, however we attempt to be civil. I received my official diagnoses of BPD a year ago; however it was a battle to get there. I knew I had […]

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This is me

As much as I’d like to be able to write this blog post with absolute certainty about who I am, I actually haven’t figured it out yet and in all honesty, I might never get there, but that’s okay! I’m Ash, I love music of all kinds, I’m a qualified chef, carer and I love […]

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