The waves roll up towards me,
Close to my bare feet,
I can almost feel them,
They sway,
They splash,
But they never touch me,
I yearn for the feeling,
The feeling when they finally touch me,
Like my breathing,
The water is so shallow,
Like whispers in the ears of lovers,
Their sound sweet, soothing, exciting,
I sit not too far from the water,
Feeling the wet sand on my skin,
My hands woven deep into the ground,
The waves roll closer, calmer, toward me,
So close that if I moved my toes,
I’d feel them,
A gust of wind hits the nape of my neck,
The hair rising at the sudden motion,
I’m acutely aware of what surrounds me,
The wind, sounds of seagulls in the distance,
The waves,
Just touch me,
Come closer,
Come to me,
I refuse to move,
Breathing slow,
Breathing in sync,
I close my eyes,
And then it happens,
I am consumed.

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